October 8th, 2012

The Force Was Strong With Star Wars Reads Day!

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Many bookstores all over the nation participated in Star Wars Reads Day! I had the honor of going to Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia to celebrate this special day! Read all about it here in these fantastic articles by Geeks Are Sexy!

Star Wars Reads Day Part 1

Star Wars Reads Day Part 2

Also here is a fun video about Star Wars Reads Day!


Thank you to everyone who came and to DK Publishing and Little Shop of Stories for including me in this day!


May The Force Be With You!

Ashley :o

3 Responses to “The Force Was Strong With Star Wars Reads Day!”

  1. Perrissa aka SkyGirl12 says:

    You said it all Ashley! :) I love Star Wars so much!! I’ve met a lot of people who aren’t fans of Star Wars and they say I’m a geek for liking Star Wars but I don’t mind. Like you said Star Wars is like a little get away place. I am even making my room that special place. I pretend that I am Ahsoka in this world, being the best I can be, and trying my best. So thank you Ashley for Her Universe and everything. I miss and can’t wait to see you. :) May the Force be with you- always.


  2. star wars fan 4 ever !!!!!!! says:

    i totally agree with you ashley and you certanly spoke very true and your right star wars is universal and everyone can be a fan of it.
    i’m glad that i’m one of the many sci fi fans who are both woman and girls. myself and my sister are scifi fans because i love star wars and she loves dr who. i’m huge starwars and know alot about it and i have so many star wars books , it must over a hundred or more. i also have alot of other star wars stuff like games , figures and dvds. i’d love to a star wars t shirt i’ve looked in many shops where i live but no luck , there none for girls only ones for boys it’s just so annoying!!!!!!!!!!
    ps star wars is certanly a place i go as little get a way and it’s like a place i could go to for many reasons .
    may the force be with you always.
    keep clam and force on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maddy says:

    Oh darn I forgot last Saturday was star wars reads day. I was gonna go to the book store and everything to. Man, now I’m bumed. Well I hope everyone that went had a good time! ;)

    We don’t even have to try cuz its always a good time!!

    May the force be with you! :D

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