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  • Loki Hoodies, Merchandise & Clothing 

    We may not be Loki of Asgard, but we are burdened with a glorious purpose–and that purpose is to bring you the best of the best Loki must-haves your little merch-lovin' heart has been dreaming of. 

    Villain? Anti-hero? Chaotic neutral? However you feel about Loki, there's no denying he's a masterful part of the Marvel Universe–and if you're all about his loco rise and fall with the Marvel mayhem, then fans, you're in the right place. And you know what? We don't even care where in the Marvel U you fell in love with Loki–the OG comics, the Loki TV show, Thor, Avengers, or even the Loki movie. If you've got a desire to snag Loki merch, consider this the Loki-led search and rescue you've been lookin' for (a-la-Avengers: End Game). 

    From apparel and accessories to costumes, collectibles, gifts, and beyond, this shop is full of the Loki love your fan heart needs to keep the fandom steam going strong. And guess what, Time Keepers? You don't need Miss Minutes to watch the clock for you while you shop. There's no Sacred Timeline when you're in Loki land. 

    So, need help sorting through the must-haves in this merch shop? In the words of Loki, we're not doing "get help." Well, maybe a little help–we'll kickstart this Loki shopping spree for you any day (but then you're on your own). Check out Loki faves like our Her Universe Marvel Loki Sylvie Sleeveless Hoodie Her Universe Exclusive, our Her Universe Marvel Loki & Sylvie Mismatch Earring Set, our Marvel Loki TVA Handbook Crossbody Bag, or even our Loungefly Marvel Loki TVA Miss Minutes Mini Zipper Wallet. 

    The best part about this collection? Well, technically, there are two. First, this shop, like the other Her Universe collections, is filled up with Her Universe exclusives–AKA, items you can't find anywhere else on the internet. Second, this is just the beginning of the Marvel merch mayhem we're unleashing on fans like you. If you love Loki, you're in the right spot. But if you've got more than one Marvel itch to scratch, you're going to want to check out our Her Universe Marvel shop ASAP.