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Outlander Gifts, Merch & Shirts

So, you want the best Outlander merch in all the land, huh? Well guess what, Outlander fans–you don't need to travel back in time to find it. Thank goodness, right? Ye stubborn fans of Outlander, we've got good news, this collection of must-haves is a must-shop for all Outlander fanatics, and it's filled to the brim with Outlander merchandise, tees, gifts, collectibles, and everything else you need to tickle your Outlander fancy. 

Consider this the closest you'll get to being transported back to the 18th century. (As if you really needed to wake up in 1743, right?). Whether Claire is your go-to gal, you're totally obsessed with Jaime, or can't get enough of Brianna or Jonathan, we've got the merch you'd be hella willing to time travel for (but thank Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ you don't have to). Maybe you've been a true blue fan since you read the book–maybe you just hopped on the bandwagon since the latest season. 

At Her Universe, we don't care why you're here–we're just glad you're here to shop and snag all the Outlander faves to complete and complement your Outlander collection. Need a little shopping inspo to get this spree going? No worries, we're here to help. Peep collection faves that would be totally Claire approved (we think, anyway), like our Her Universe Outlander Plaid Hooded Cardigan, our Her Universe Outlander Claire Coat, our Her Universe Outlander Tartan Lace-Up Hi-Low Dress, or even our Her Universe Outlander Symbols Earring Set. 

Want to know the real best kept secret of this selection? We've got a fully stocked collection peppered with Her Universe exclusive items. Know what that means? When you see merch tagged as a "Her Universe exclusive," you better believe you can't find it anywhere else on the internet (or even in 1743, for that matter). Don't believe us? Go check–and then come back and snag your exclusive item before another Outlander superfan beats you to it! 

What are you waiting for? It's time to start those shoppin' engines with the same vigor and vitality as Claire herself. Snag your Outlander merch from Her Universe today.