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Doctor Who Hoodies, Gifts & Clothing 

We are–and always will be–the optimist. The hopers of far-flung hopes. The dreamers of improbable dreams. But you know what? You don't need a far-flung hope of an improbable dream to find the best Doctor Who merch shop–that's just a thing we did for super Who fans like you! No matter which Doctor is your go-to (or if you've got a thing for all 14, we don't judge), this collection was made for fans like you! Is it big, vast, complicated, and ridiculous? Well, it's definitely vast–but we don't see anything ridiculous about a complete collection of Doctor Who merch, shirts, apparel, accessories, home decor, collectibles, and more.

Really want to level up your Doctor Who obsession? It's time to scroll the shot. Consider this shop the best selection of Who things this side of the Whoniverse. (Trust us, if we could get you there, we would). Need a new tee to rep your love for the Doctor? Check out faves like our Doctor Who Angel Has Tardis Women's T-Shirt or our Doctor Who Goodbyes Hurt If Before Was Special T-Shirt. Looking for something to put the terrific in TARDIS? Our Her Universe Doctor Who TARDIS Cape will surely do the trick! How about something to really deck these halls this Wholiday? Our Hallmark Ornaments Doctor Who TARDIS Figural Ornament is a must for every fan out there (plus, it makes a great gift for your fellow Who fans). 

And you know what? We haven't even gotten to the best part of the collection. We're into exclusivity here–that's why we have Her Universe exclusives scattered throughout the Who selection. These one-of-a-kind items can't be found anywhere else–and that means you'll want to snag them before another Who fan gets their Who-hands on them. So snag your must-haves, including that 14th Doctor merch that's fresh off the line for ya.  

What are you waiting for? An invite to look into the time vortex? We might not be able to make that happen, but we can make sure you look like the no. 1 Doctor Who fan out there. Get to shoppin' and selectin'!