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  • Lord of the Rings Shirts, Merch & Hoodies

    One ring to rule them all. We can get on board with that. That's why we created one Lord of the Rings collection to rule them all, too. And guess what? You're looking at it. No need to find Middle Earth; our selection of all things LOTR is sure to transport you to the land of hobbits, elves, dwarves, and wizards (we'll pass on the orcs, though). If you've been an OG LOTR fan since the day you read The Hobbit, or you're just now getting acquainted with the magic that is Middle Earth, you're in the right place for a little must-have merch shopping. 

    Put that trip to Mordor on hold–no need for you to go scouring Middle Earth for all the best LOTR gear. No, we can't carry you to it like ents or fly you on the backs of mythical eagles or even pop you on Shadowfax (even though we wish we could), but we can put all the LOTR merch you're looking for in one place–and we definitely did that here. 

    Got a piece of LOTR merch in mind? Bet we've got you covered. Got a thing for Lady Galadriel?  Our Her Universe The Lord Of The Rings Galadriel Bell Sleeve Dress is a can't-miss. More of a Legolas kinda fan? We get it–check out our Our Universe The Lord Of The Rings Legolas Hoodie. Maybe for you, it's really all about Gandalf the Grey–if so, you'll def want to see our The Lord Of The Rings Gandalf You Shall Not Pass Coin Purse. 

    From Tauriel and Arwen to Gimli and Pippin, we've got a little somethin' for fans of every LOTR character. So, the point is, no matter who or what you love–which film, character, book, or beyond–this collection was made for super fans like you. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to shop the selection. Snag your must-haves ASAP before another fan beats you to it. (Pssst. Don't forget to check out the Her Universe exclusives scattered throughout the shop–you won't find any other item like it all over the internet, or even Middle Earth, for that matter).