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X-Men Gifts, Apparel & Hoodies

Mankind may have always feared what it doesn't understand–but all we understand is how much we absolutely love the X-Men. And TBH, that's enough for us. If you're a fellow mutant maniac (we say that with love), consider this your own lil X-Men haven. Her Universe has curated a killer collection of all things X-Men to ensure that you feel right at home among it all.

Whether you've been a super X-Men fan since the very beginning (we see you OG comic book lovers), you can't get enough of the movies, or you're anxiously awaiting X-Men '97, this collection was made for you.

If you can name it, we've got it. Xavier lunch box? Check. Scarlet Witch tiara? Sure. Wolverine plush, Phoenix shirt, or a Magneto sweatshirt? Consider all of those on lock (and so much more!) The good news? Whatever you're after, we've got it waiting for you here in the shop.

You know what else? It's not just about how you like to watch the X-Men (Comic books? Movies? Animated series?)–it's about which X-Men are your all-time favorites. Whether you're a Magneto lover, can't get enough of Storm, or are deadset on loving Wolverine until the end, there's some gotta-have-it merch in here with your name on it.

Like Charles Xavier says, when an individual acquires great power, the use or misuse of that power is everything. So, we ask you–how will you use your newfound power (you know, access to an unlimited supply of X-Men merchandise)?

Our advice is simple: party like you're one of the mutants from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and snag all the mega-sweet X-Men merch you can. Remember, you're not the only fan out there on the hunt for exclusive goodies like these!